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Wear resistant plate

DETLOFF wear resistant plates are manufactured at our Rechberghausen site using a process specifically developed by us. They are ideally suited for wear resistant linings and components for plants and machinery.

Wear resistant plates are used to produce pipes and pipe bends, conveyors and chutes, ventilators and separators, sieves and gratings, linings for mixers and crushers.
Our wear resistant plates guarantee continued wear protection when processing and transporting abrasive bulk solids.

DETLOFF wear resistant plates are made of basic steel plate with a particularly wear resistant "armoured" layer.
The thickness of the base material and the thickness of the wear resistant layer is determined depending on the application. The hardness and the structure of the layer can be adjusted according to wear requirements, or can be selected from a range of standard alloys. It is possible to achieve hardness levels from 55 HRc to more than 70 HRc.

We manufacture wear resistant plates either as semi-finished products (plates) in standard sizes, pre-cut or as complete components to your requirements or specifications.

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