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DETLOFF Compound plates

DETLOFF Compound plates are compound elements for a long service life under conditions of extreme wear and even at elevated temperatures.

Application Example: linings of mills, ventilators, conveying screws, sliding guides, mixing troughs, concrete pumps, screening machine coatings

Compound plates to prevent abrasive wear consist of semi-finished products or of metallic supports, on which wear-protection layers,1.0 to 20.0 mm thick are connected metallically.


  • Nickle-based hard alloys with unique hard materials•HV0.3 hardness = 650 to 800

  • Nickel-based hard alloys with embedded chromium carbides and special hard materials•HV0.3 hardness = 1200 to 1400

  • Nickel-based hard alloys with embedded tungsten carbides•HV0.3 hardness = 1400 to 2000

  • Iron-based hard alloys with embedded chromium carbides and special carbides HRc 55-70 hardness (depending on the composition of the alloy and the thickness of the layer.

HV 0.3 = Vickers hardness
HRc = Rockwell hardness

Compound plates consist of

Supporting material:


Structural steel, boiler plate, stainless steel
Special materials on request



All qualities from layers with a thickness from 1.0 mm upward (nickel basis), from 2 mm (based on iron)

Plate size:


Nickel-based hard alloys 600 x 800 mm
Iron-based hard alloys depending on the thickness:
600 X 800 mm
800 X 1850 mm to 1850 X 2850 mm, special sizes can be delivered upon request



plasma or water-jet cutting

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