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Wear Plates

Wear plates are wear resistant elements (components) in standard sizes which are used in are as where superior durability is required due to extreme amounts of wear or high temperatures.
Examples of application: chute linings, screw conveyor troughs, slides, mixer troughs, separators/sifter housings, mill housings etc.

Depending on the type and the specification, we are able to supply the wear plates with different fixing options:

  - Smooth contact surface for bonding
  - Fixing holes for countersunk screws
  - Holes for so-called weld rings
  - Threaded bolts
  - Moulded threads
  - Concealed lateral clamping
  - Weld lugs or with connection for welding

The following materials may be used:

  -  Chrome casts
  -  Ceramics
  -  Wear plate with a hard layer based on nickel or iron. Available in layer thicknesses of up
     to several cm and hardness of up to 70 HRc:.
  -  Compounds with tungsten carbide layer based on nickel alloy. Smooth or rough
     surface structure.
  -  Compounds with solid, brazed tungsten carbide segments
  -  Wear plates with a hardness of 400 HB up to 600 HB
  -  Wear resistant plastic (PUR)

We are happy to manufacture wear plates to our customers' specifications.

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