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Wear parts for mixers

DETLOFF considerably extends the service life of wear parts for mixers. Such as mixing blades, agitators, churns, scrapers, and linings for walls and floors.

Creative designers develop the optimal geometry, our technicians select the best work materials from a multifaceted palette and a team of motivated co-workers manufacture wear parts for mixers there from.

Optimised wearing parts are available for many mixer types and brands.
Mixers for concrete, screed, asphalt, casting sand, clay, mineral colours, etc. are equipped with our wear-resistant mixing parts.

High-alloyed chrome and chrome nickel cast, composite materials such as, for example, compound plates, polyurethane, hard metal and ceramic or combinations of these materials are available.
Metallic mixing blades can be strengthened or coated with additional extremely wear-resistant materials.
Materials such as hard metals (tungsten carbide) are, for example, soldered to heavy-wear areas in this manner.

Our extremely wear-resistant parts for mixers are equipped with DETLOF CC-hard- metal-coating on hard chrome cast.
A base layer with embedded, extremely hard tungsten carbide is bound with the hard chrome cast in a vacuum and/or an inert gas.
Wear parts for mixers manufactured according to this method possess a basic hardness of 60 HRc and, at specifically vulnerable areas, a protective layer with embedded carbides with a hardness of 1400 to 2000 Vickers (HV03).
The life span of these mixing parts is equal to that of the usual scoops many times over.

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