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Hard facing

With hard facing we achieve wear-resistant surfaces on components exposed to heightened stress due to frictional wear.
We have different procedures and methods available, as well as different alloys.

Hardfacing (Deposition welding)
Through hard facing, carbide rich alloys are laid in a single pass or multilayered on semi-finished material or structural components. Our welding process guarantees small melting zones (penetration depth) and, therefore, very good wear results.
The advantages of this welding process are, above all, the variable layer thicknesses and the comparatively low price.

Hardfacing (Metal spraying)
The advantage of this procedure lies in the fact that the coated component hardly sustains any warping due to the smaller heat input. The wear resistant spray-coating adheres very well to metallic bases.
Different procedures such as wire-spraying, flame-spraying, also including subsequent vacuum melting are available.

Hardfacing (CC-layers)
Our CC-layers provide excellent wear protection.
Fused in vacuum ovens, the CC-layers achieve exceptional wear properties. A longer structural component service life is achieved in comparison to conventional hardfacing by welding
Hardfacing (Polymer ceramics)
Alternative to metallic hardfacing, we also lay polymer ceramic masses in different particle sizes and layer thicknesses — adapted to the state of stress — on the component surface to protect against wear by friction.

Hardfacing can be applied to many uses through adapted methods and procedures. New or worn parts, and many structural components can be prepared for a long service life through our hard-facing methods.

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